A self care planner can take the form of a typical weekly planner, a plain journal, a bullet journal, or any combination of the above! It is a space for you to prioritize your mental and physical health!

What do I use it for?

You can track your mood, mental health symptoms, chronic health condition, workouts, meals, goals, aspirations, inspirations, gratitude, or even your finances. Use it to develop new habits or end bad ones. Create focus and purpose in your life. It can be a place to collect recipes, workouts, meditations, or grounding techniques.

I'm not very creative...

It does not have to be pretty (but it definitely can be). It may be something you buy or something you make. It can be as simple as a prompted journal (I love this series) or as complicated as a tabbed planner system. It can focus on mental health or fitness or both!

How often do I use it?

Whenever you want! Start with once a week as a check in. Consider trying once a day. It depends on what you want to track or what you want to be mindful of.

I don't know where to start.

Check out Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Look for #selfcarejournal #selfcarebujo #selfcareplanner

It looks like this could get expensive.

You do not need anything besides a dollar store journal/notebook and a pen to start. Looking at inspiration on Instagram is fun, and many people "buy all the things" and turn a tool into a hobby and creative outlet. It is also ok for it to be just a tool.

Ok, but how do I get started? I don't have any of those fancy things.

Start today! Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Use one of those journals that we seem to just accumulate. Complete a brain dump. Highlight what areas of your life appear there. Make a list of what you might want to track or do in your planner. Use your phone's notes app. Then look for a book that fits your needs. Happy (self-care) planning!